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Summer is here!!!

Hi All, Track and field season is done and summer is here and I am ready to start sharing my findings in the health and fitness world with my readers.  Thanks for taking a look at what I have to share and please pass it along to anyone who you think might benefit from it. […]

A Few New Things…

Hello  Everyone!! I apologize for the quiet month…I have been busy with a some new ventures. I am doing some speed/agility training and consulting for the University of Waterloo Men’s Rugby Team.  Also, I am totally revamping the Power Fit course at the school where I teach.  I created a blog with the full details […]

youbars.com – This is AMAZING!!

Hello  Everyone!! I just came across this company (Thanks – Kenen Shadd) that puts whatever you want in your shakes, trail mix, protein bars, and cereal. They also use a lot of organic ingredients too!! The BEST part is that they personalize the label on EVERYTHING!!  I am so psyched to order some. Check out […]


Hi All, This is a great DETAILED article about Spotting the bench press from Elite FTS.  This is a place where I see the most errors in spotting.  Good communication between the lifter and the spotter(s) is essential! We chatted about this in class on Friday as some students are planning to branch out and design […]

Boyle Mobility Warm up

This is the Mobility Warm Up that Mike Boyle uses with his athletes at Boston University.  He is one of the most prominent strength and conditioning coaches in the US. We are using it with the Power Fit students at GRCI. Cheers, Coach G  

3 Weeks of GPP Workouts – Zip file

Hi All, Here are the first three weeks of General Physical Preparation.  There are four different workouts for the week along with a Prehab day.  There are 4 groups of workouts per week so that students can have access to equipment as they need it. The workouts are all in Word format. Cheers, Coach G […]

Prehab Days

Hi All, It was a good day to have the first Prehab day as many students were still sore from the previous workouts.  We also completed our measurements so that the students can track any changes throughout the semester. I also spoke with the students about the importance of grip strength and how that transfers […]

5 Day Blank Template

Hi All, For those people who want to venture out and design their own workouts this template can be used so that you are ready when we finish the GPP. I have left on the Metabolic finishers as that is something that the entire class will be doing on a consistent basis. Cheers, Coach G […]

Day 2 – Power Fit

Hi All, Good day on Day 2.  Students had to follow the 3 before me rule to help educate each other on what the lifts in the GPP program are for the the 3 weeks.  Some students were sore from Day 1 and were happy to be working the other half of the body today. […]

Power Fit Logistics

Friday’s class was a walk through the Self-Myofascial release work, the stretching circuit and the mobility circuit.  The circuits were done to timed music that allowed the teachers more opportunity to help and correct movements. When you are doing circuit work to begin a class take the time to plan out the logistics of the […]