Summer is Here. 2

Hi All,

I trust that your summer has been what you have wanted so far.  Mine has been full of learning for me as I continue to paint at my friend’s house for the 7th summer in a row.  It has been a big learning curve for me as I have logged over 700 hours there and I am now done one of the 3 third floor peaks.  It has helped me to focus on the journey as opposed to the destination.

On the training front I have become more and more interested in the nutrition part of health and wellness and performance training.  As Michael Pollan said, “Eat foot, not too much.  Mostly Plants.”  Based on that premise here is a  an article in the Precision Nutrition Website that shows the breakdown of the some of the Hyperpalatable foods that are on the market.  Remember those foods are designed to get you hooked!

If you are not getting the training results that you want look at the fuel you are giving your body.  That has a tremendous impact on your results.

Happy training!


P.S.  Here is a sneak peak at some of my efforts!  I called in for some help with the 3rd floor as Danny and Steve helped me for a couple of days!!!  Much appreciated guys!!!!

113 Young St