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While working with G.P.T, I have noticed great improvement in my strength, power and flexibility. All aspects that will help me during the season. I am lifting weights that I never thought I would be able to lift and this improvement was due to the knowledge, passion and motivation that coach Galasso shares. The training program changes week to week so there is always something new and it keeps you motivated. His passion makes you want to become a better athlete.

Luca has been a place kicker with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Hamilton Ticats and the Edmonton Eskimoes in the CFL.

For the first time in my life I started to enjoy weight training, and that’s all thanks to Mr. G.  In the past I found my weight training programs to be too repetitive and I didn’t really feel like they were sport specific enough.  Mr. G designed a program for me that was not only specific to my sport, but accommodated my injuries and was fun and different every single week.  I used Mr. G’s program all the way up to the day before my knee surgery and I had never felt better.  I felt stronger, more explosive and definitely a lot more flexible than I was in the past.  The shape I was in going into my surgery definitely had a huge impact on the success of my surgery and my recovery.  So THANK YOU Mr. G for all your help and support over the last few years!

Training without a coach can be really difficult, but what can be more difficult is training with a coach that doesn’t know anything. That was me in past before reconnecting with Coach G. I have been trained in the weight room by many coaches but none that took the time to get to know my specific needs for my sport. The fact that he is always raising the bar for athletes and learning new ways to better himself for his athletes is unbelievable. I know hands down Coach G got me the strongest and most flexible I have ever been.

That is not what I am most proud of though. I am most proud of the fact that I am AWARE of my body and that is the biggest thing he has taught me in the 7 months that I have been working with him. He is the only coach that knows my body better than me. Thanks coach G for all the hard work and positive support that  I get from you. There is no doubt in my mind when I am on the runway in Rio, Brazil in 2016 that I am jumping for the both of us.

Kenen is a 5 Time OFSAA Gold Medalist and a former Canadian Junior Champion in the Triple Jump.

Every competitive athlete needs the right direction to achieve their goals.  I started training in grade 10 with Coach G. It was the first Power Fit class in the school’s history.  (2003)  The class that Galasso started.

It was a senior course but I had to ask if I could take it anyways.  The first day in the weight room I was intimidated and one of the smallest guys in the class.  I knew with Coach G’s positive energy and endless amount of knowledge I could climb my way up to the top eventually.  He taught me how shocking the body with different exercises and rep schemes will take your body to the next level.  Most importantly he taught me how to tolerate some discomfort!!!  Nowadays, I feel I have more heart and will power than any of my competitors out there.

He showed me hard work, dedication and discipline will beat any supplement on the market any day.   I take what I’ve learned from him and bring that to any gym I train at these days.

“Limits are for people who have them and excuses are for people who need them”.

Adam Colorado is a Natural competitive Bodybuilder and will be attempting to set new Powerlifting records for his age/weight this December!

“Michael Galasso has presented his speed and agility training clinic for both my OBA Viper Rep team and at the Highlander Sports Camp.  His knowledge of bio-mechanical movement is outstanding as he breaks down acceleration & deceleration into their various forms to train an individual to be faster and more agile.  Michael is a people person who demonstrates an exceptional rapport with kids and adults alike.  He truly makes learning to be fast – a lot of fun!”

Steve Peng

PHE Teacher – Sir John A. Macdonald S.S.

SJAM – Viper Basketball Coach

Director of the Highlander Sports Camp