Power Fit – 2014

Here are the clips for the GPP – General Physical Preparation as well as the stretching and mobility circuits for the start of the year.

The other staple of many of the programs is the Matrix.

Have a great workout!

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Don’t Ice that Ankle Sprain!! Part 3

Hi All,

I have to share another success story with you.

6 Day Recovery from a High Ankle Sprain.

At OFSAA West Track and Field this year in Windsor a GRCI hurdler fell in her long hurdles and sprained her ankle.  (Saturday, May 31)  I forgot the bands in Kitchener…duh…..   She was very sore by the time she got home to Kitchener.  She received an X-ray and that came back negative.  She was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain.  On the way home from the hospital I shared with her a story about another GRCI athlete who sprained her ankle the week before WCSSAA and ended up setting a WCSSAA record 7 days later. (see that full story below)  I told her that I couldn’t make her any promises that she would be ready for OFSAA the next week for the sprint hurdles.  I suggested that she try the bands and see what happens.

After the very first session late Saturday night she went from not being able to put any pressure on the foot to being able to walk on her own with a limp.

She came in Monday morning walking normally as she worked with the bands 5 times on Sunday.  She continued to use the bands 4-5 times a day all week.

Friday, June 6th  – She ran in her heat placing second and advancing to the final. Later that day she placed 5th in the finals in all of ONTARIO.  Her seed going into the final was 5th and that was based on running on a healthy ankle the week before.

Please share this with anyone who needs to get better from a sore ankle.  ICE is dead…..METH is the way to health.  Movement, Elevation, traction and Heat.

More support for the bands and twisted ankles. 2 articles in 2 days!!  YEAH!!



Don't Ice that Ankle Sprain

Don’t Ice that Ankle Sprain




   Reposted from Sept. 25, 2009

The first time I came across this book I almost fell over!  It was so far outside what I had learned I thought that it was a misprint.  I had lived with icing sprains of my own for 25+ years and I had spent the first 20 years of my coaching career doing the same for my athletes.

Thanks to Coach Dick Hartzell and Dr. Michael Shimmel for Co-authoring this book!!

Last year, 6 days before the WCSSAA track and field championships GRCI’s #1 female high jumper twisted her ankle badly enough that she could not walk on it.  Her brother carried her up the stairs of her home near Centennial Stadium and I went to the school to get the bands.

Within 30 minutes of using the bands as described on the DVD she was able to walk on it again.

I left the bands with her to use a few more times that night. The next day (Friday)she came to school with crutches that she picked up at a local medical facility (she got an x-ray to make sure the ankle was ok) and was she limping a bit.  We did another 20 min session that morning and she put the crutches in her locker for good as she no longer needed them.  The people at the medical facility said to take 3 weeks off.

She used the bands all weekend and she went on to be able to run on Monday with some tape to support her.  On Wednesday of the same week she set a new school record and tied the meet record as well in her High Jump.  I WAS AMAZED!!!

In the first 3 weeks of this school year I have helped 4 different students with the bands on varying degrees of ankle sprains and every single one of them has had a drastic improvement over a very short time.  I am talking minutes.  These were all minor sprains.

Hope this helps you to get athletes, friends and family that you know, healthier faster!!!

Remember – Movement, Elevation, Traction and Heat.  (METH)  RICE is obsolete for Grade 1 and 2 Ankle sprains….

This is only done on sprains.  If at any time the soreness increases while you are working on this process stop immediately and get an X-Ray.


Coach G

PS – As I transfer this post over to my new site I will add another story.  Thursday, Feb 13 after school one of the Senior Boys’ BBall players went down with an ankle sprain.  He used the bands right at the game and was able to be taped up and get back in the game.  He visited a family friend that night who is a local Physiotherapist and the physio said to ice and do nothing for a few days.  He had a game Saturday night and he really wanted to play.   I saw him Friday morning with crutches and asked him if he wanted to use the bands again to feel better and he said yes.  After 20 minutes of work he said his level of soreness when from an 8/10 to 2-3/10.  He played Saturday night and made a significant contribution to the team and the team made it to the Finals on Wednesday night.

ankle – Word file for ankle strengthening exercises.


Disclaimer:  The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and are not to be construed as medical advice or prescription of nutritional supplements. Please consult with a qualified health care practitioner before undertaking any new health regimen.

Track & Field – Real social networking

Hi All,

I saw this video today and it inspired me to share it with you and to comment on some of the many reasons why I love track and field.  At meets it is a great time to reconnect with people I have not seen since the last season and it is a great opportunity to meet new people.  I am always amazed at how helpful the track and field community is as well with the coaching of athletes from other schools as well as the sharing of equipment to help an athlete have a better experience.  I also enjoy seeing the students from GRCI making friends with athletes and coaches from other schools as they go about competing and networking as the meet goes on.

It feels less competitive and more cooperative than other sports with which I have been involved.  There is a real sense to me in the Region that people really want to see Track & Field excel regardless of who gets the credit.  One of may favourite parts of the high school season are the debriefing sessions that I am part of with Gary Wilson, Jeff Anderson and Scott Curtis after the meets where we discuss what went well, what didn’t and what we can do to make it better.  The progress that has been made for T&F in the Region has been greatly influenced by these sessions where notes are sometimes taken on an old file folder or scrap piece of paper.  The synergy that we share it a true social networking that helps to make the experience better for the talented student athletes that we have in the area.  Scary to think that amongst the four of us in the timing hut that there is over 160 years of T&F experience.

This is just one aspect of the social networking that takes place during the track and field season that I really enjoy.  I love the face to face discussions that take place throughout the day.  I could branch off into talking about the WCSSAA/D8 committee but I will hold off for now as I am out of gas for now.

Enjoy your true social networking and best of luck during the rest of the season!!


Coach G

Track and Field – Meet Preparation

Hi All,

As the first Maxi meet approaches I am reposting an article that I created for my first web site 6 years ago so here is the latest version.


Coach G

Mr Galasso’s Guide to Successful track and field performance.

This is the start of the guide.  Please pass on to me (Mr. G) any wisdom that you think can be added to the list.

•Please thank the officials for running their events.  The meets would not happen without their efforts.

•Before you go to bed make sure that you have packed all of the things that you need for the next day! This is your clothing, food, chair, umbrella.

Meet Prep

•Make sure you know your schedule for the day.  Be prepared for any type of weather:  hot, cold, wet, dry, sunny cloudy, snowy etc.  Some suggestions for clothing – wind breaker, wool hat, mitts, winter coat, wind pants, rain gear, extra socks & T-Shirts, fleece top, tent, plastic garbage bag, umbrella – good in the sun and rain

•Check the link for the weather to see what the weather may be like for the meet

• Water & food – fruits and veggies and lighter snacks are better.  Do not rely on the people running the meet to feed you.  The concession stands rarely offer healthy food.

•Drink a lot of water throughout the day (stay away from sweetened water drinks – they dehydrate you more than they help.)

• Get to the meet well ahead of when you compete.  1 to 1.5 hours ahead of time minimum.  Meets can run ahead of schedule.

• Get your number from the coach for Track Wars, WCSSAA and beyond – numbers are not needed for Maxi meets.

Numbers are always stored in the med kit in the team tent.

• Bring some extra safety pins to secure your number.  There may not be enough supplied by the meet director

• Check out the event sites where you compete.  Make sure that they are safe and look for any areas to avoid.  ie.  a long jump board that sticks up above the runway on one side.

• Warm up well, even on a warm day. (30 to 60 minutes)

• Check in to your event well ahead of time. Find out where you are in the competitive order for field events.  On the track get your heat and lane assignments.  Check in for field events is usually at the event site.  Track is often at an announced marshalling area.


ALL Athletes

•Make sure you have your complete uniform before you leave your home.  This includes your singlet, spikes, shorts, running shoes and all the rest of your gear for all types of weather.  Remember that we live in Canada!!!

Runners – listen to the starter to see if he or she has a pattern that they follow.  Do they fire the gun really quickly or do they make you wait in the set position.  This can help you to prepare for a good start.  React compared to guessing.

•Track events always take priority over field events so if you need to be in 2 places at once make sure that the officials at both events know that you are moving back and forth.  If you see from the schedule that you may find yourself in this situation please see one of the coaches to get the details on how to handle this situation.

Double knots in your laces are a great idea!  You want to make sure that your shoes stay tight for the entire competition!!!

Field Event people – find out where you are in the order so that you can stretch and do a stride before your next trial.  This is usually done 5 or 6 athletes ahead of you in the competition.

Throwers – make sure that you have had your implements weighed so that you can use them in the competition.  WCSSAA and beyond.

•make sure you have a measured approach for Javelin.

• Bring a couple of pairs of gloves to keep your hands warm and dry.

• make sure that you take the implements first from GRCI then off of the bus or van when you get to the meet and gather them up and return them to the school at the end of the meet.

Jumpers – make sure you have a measured approach.

•Have a couple of things you can use to keep your mark. (Tape, chalk, a tack or a piece of wood with a nail in it.)  A shoe can be easily kicked or moved.

•Make sure the landing area is safe

•Pay attention to the strength and direction of the wind as you practice your approach so that you can compare it to when you are competing and be able to adjust your approach accordingly.

• Put your sweats back on between trials and have a seat.

• Sit close enough to the officials so that you can hear the names being called.

•Bring a collapsible chair and umbrella.  They are very handy to have.

•All athletes cool down after you have competed

•#1 PRIORITY IS HAVING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Comments on my Blog – Why??

Hi All,

I want to thank Nate Green for posting this idea on his site and I have used many of his ideas in this post.

I’m impulsive and I need to minimize the distractions that I have in my life.  A cell phone is enough on my plate and I leave it in my office when I am at work and check it only at lunch or when I am on my spare to allow me to focus and stay present.

Nate said it really well here and I quote, “If I know there’s something I need to check in on frequently — even something as potentially beneficial and community-building as comments — it will consume my brain and I’ll find it very difficult to focus on anything else.” (Nate Green)  I would also feel that I need to respond to every comment that is posted on my blog.

And since I have a full time job that I enjoy a great deal I want to use the blog as a space to talk about what I have learned about or found interesting lately and share it with people who are interested in reading about it.

By removing comments from my Blog it allows me more space to focus on what I love…learning, teaching, training, helping others, and coaching…


Coach G

PS – How well do you know yourself???

Mutaz Barshim – 2.15m scissors

Amazing HJ feat.  Mutaz Barshim scissors 2.15 m,  that is over 7 feet high.

Well done.


Coach G

Artificial Sweeteners

Hi All,

I get asked a great deal is this a good protein powder and 9 times out of ten the product is sweetened with an artificial sweetener.  I would suggest that you do your best to go with a natural sweetener. There are so many more healthy options,  Maple Syrup, Honey and Stevia.  The nice thing about stevia is that it does not raise your blood sugar for those people with blood sugar concerns.

Dr. Mercola has written about this subject extensively over the years and here is a link to one of his recent articles.  Go natural if you can people. Mercola article

I personally use sugar over any of the artificial products on the market.


Coach G

Amazing Pole Vault – 6.08m Renaud Lavillenie

Hi All,

Amazing vault by Renaud!  He is now the 2nd best vaulter ever!  Looks like he had 10-15 cm of clearance.


Coach G


Lateral Speed – Stay/Play in the tunnel – Lee Taft

Hi All,

Lee is a master teacher when it comes to multi-directional speed.  He has worked with 1000’s of kids as well as professional athletes.  His cues are straight forward and usable right away.  If you coach/play a sport where you need to move laterally take a look at this!


Coach G