M GalassoHi All,

I am taking my friend Joe DeFranco’s advice and starting my own free web Blog.  I will be documenting a lot of my own training, as well as the training that I set up for others .  I will also include training tips and I will post some of the athletes’ workouts as well.

I have been involved in sport for almost 4 decades. Along the way I have competed both Nationally and Internationally representing Canada in the long jump.  I have also played many other sports as well.  I have a passion for learning and I am always looking for ways to improve.

As I look back on my competitive career I realize that proper strength training, nutrition and adequate rest were areas that would have made a big  difference for me.  I now take these ideas and want to share with you my love of learning and being able to improve performance in the most efficient ways possible.

I hope that you appreciate what I have to share!!

Most importantly, enjoy the journey!!!

Michael Galasso  aka Coach G

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