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Blog of a Badass II

Hello  Everyone!! I wanted to share with you some of my results from working on Joe DeFranco’s Built Like a Badass. It is a 12 week program that is like nothing I have ever done before.  Intense, diverse and rewarding are my 3 best descriptions for the program.  You definitely need a good base before […]

FOOD Inc. on CBC – A must see documentary

Hello  Everyone!! This a must see video if you would like to make more informed choices about where your food comes from. It has 2 showings on CBC. Sunday November 28 at 10 pm ET/PT & Saturday December 4 at 7 pm ET on CBC News Network Here is a description of the video from […]

Marc Lebert visits GRCI – Equalizers & Buddy System

Hello  Everyone!! What a great afternoon at work today on the PD Day!!  Marc Lebert, the inventor of 3 fitness products, came to Grand River and took several staff, students and former students through a great workout using his Buddy System and Equalizers.  They are great fitness products that you can take anywhere and give […]

Physical Activity Increases Brain Activity

Hello  Everyone!! Thanks again to Dan O’Connor for this link on the impact of physical activity and brain development. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/15/phys-ed-can-exercise-make-kids-smarter/ The study shows a significant difference in those students that were active compared to those students that were not active. Parents make sure that your kids are getting quality daily physical education!! Cheers, Coach G

Static Stretching -Is it beneficial??

Hello  Everyone!! I’d like to thank my new friend Dan O’Connor for this link on static stretching. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/01/phys-ed-does-stretching-before-running-prevent-injuries/ There was no difference between the 2 study groups with respect to rate of injury.  It was quite an extensive study. With respect to warm ups, I have been using Joe DeFranco’s and Jim Smith’s AMPED warm […]

What I have learned in the last while….

Hello  Everyone!! I have been very vacant from the Blog for a while.  There have been several things going on for me:  Track and Field Season as a coach/photo timer & convenor. Year end at school. Moved to a new home in late June. As you can see there have been a few things going […]

Shin Split Ideas

Hi All, Here is a link that has some good information on how to deal with shin splints. http://www.thestretchinghandbook.com/archives/shin-splints.php Also, a cream called Traumeel is excellent for any sore muscles that you make have.  It contains Arnica which can be really helpful for bruising as well. Hope these remedies help!! Cheers, Coach G

Adam Colorado sets Deadlift record @ 590

Hi All, Another random posting.  Former Renegade Adam Colorado came back for a visit today and ripped 590 pounds off the floor to set a new gym record for the trap bar dead lift!!! The class was cheering in the background to get him pumped!! Adam was in the first ever Power Fit Class at […]