A Few New Things…

Hello  Everyone!!

I apologize for the quiet month…I have been busy with a some new ventures. I am doing some speed/agility training and consulting for the University of Waterloo Men’s Rugby Team.  Also, I am totally revamping the Power Fit course at the school where I teach.  I created a blog with the full details of what we are doing in the course.  Feel free to head over there and use anything that you see.  I am offering the students 5 different 12 Week programs that they can choose from once they complete 3 weeks of general physical preparation.

1. Power Fit.

2.  Food Rules by Michael Pollan – Thanks to Scott Curtis and Shane Verbiski for sharing this book with me.  It is an amazing paperback book that gives you some great guidelines to make healthier food choices.  Simple, effective and informative.  Well worth the read….7 simple words he uses to start.  Eat food, not too much, mostly plants….a couple of the rules that I love are,  if it comes through your car window it is not food  and a third grader needs to be able to read the ingredient list on the food you eat.  I will be using this a great deal for myself as well as students and clients.

3. The last update is one of inspiration.  For all the soccer fans out there or anyone who loves a great story of people following their dreams regardless of the odds.  This well worth the 5 minutes!!      http://www.wimp.com/soccervillage/

My blog will be pretty quiet here for the next few months as I am heading into track and field season at school where I have a few commitments at the school, convening and photo timing at the meets. ( I am a computer geek as well…lol)  The technology that we use is amazing.  The camera takes pictures at 1000 frames a second. Check it out if you like. Finish Lynx

Enjoy the spring and see you soon.

By the way, if you come across anything that you think might interest me or the other readers please send it my way.  I love learning and expanding my perspectives!!!


Coach G

Food Rules by Michael Pollan

Food Rules by Michael Pollan