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General Physical Preparation

It is a good idea to develop a base before you go into any specific and more intense training.  In this phase of training the rep range is generally from 12-15 and in a semestered course where the students lift every day this is 3-4 weeks long.  In a full year course this phase of […]

Day 1 Guidelines

Day 1 • you will get out of this course what you put into it. •It has the potential for being the best course that you ever take in high school. I have seen this course change more people’s lives than any other course that I have taught in my career. • You have the […]

Stereo Guidelines

I borrowed this idea from Joe DeFranco and have modified it to the abilities of the high school students Stereo Guidelines • “Clean” Songs only!! • Keep the volume at a level so that teachers can teach and coaches can coach, in the gym!! You can touch the stereo If you can do: 10 Chin […]

Daily Routine

  Daily Routine  • Renegade Rollout Routine • Stretching circuit • Mobility circuit •Activate your Central Nervous system Crank A Great Workout from a specific Program !! Fill in your logbook!!

Course Outline

  Grand River Collegiate InstituteCOURSE OUTLINE   For students and their families.    Course Name  Healthy Active Living  Course Code PAF2OY Curriculum Document http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/curriculum/secondary/  Prerequisite None  Textbook None  COURSE DESCRIPTION   This course emphasizes regular participation in strength and conditioning that promote lifelong healthy active living.  Student learning will include the application of movement principles […]

Stretching Warm Up

This is the list of stretches that we will be using in the warm up at the start of the semester. Stretching Warm Up before Mobility – 50s/station 1. Standing Hamstring – Foot Elevated on the bench 25s/leg (Weight Room) 2. 1 arm lat stretch on Cable Cross over – 25s/arm (Weight Room) 3. Standing Pec Stretch […]

Push Up Options

Here is a list of Push Up options for you to try.  Bench press is only one way to work the chest, triceps and shoulders.  Push ups are an essential staple of any good training program. The push ups increase in difficulty as you move down the list. 1.        Hands Elevated – Bench, Barbell, Dumbbells, […]

New Rules for Abs – Schuler & Cosgrove

Hello  Everyone!! Crunch no more.  That is the basic theme of this book based on the latest research on the lumbar  spine.  A great deal of the studies have been carried out by Dr. Stuart McGill at the University of Waterloo. The New RULES of Lifting for Abs Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler have created […]

Lebert Fitness – The Buddy System

Hi All, Entry Number 2 of the New Year and I wanted to share with you a great piece of fitness equipment.  It is the Lebert Buddy System.  Marc Lebert the inventor of the Equalizer, has created another great product that is very versatile, portable and affordable. The video at the top of the page […]

TRX Gator Crawl

HNY everyone, This is a new movement that I created for an advanced core exercise for your programs.  Doug Balzarini from Fitness Quest 10 posted a great clip on Elite FTS that had 5 very advanced exercises for the TRX that you may not have seen.  I created my exercise after I watched one of […]