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GPT – Strength Crew #6

Hi All, 6.  News Fast – This is something that I decided to do 12 years ago.  It was during the year of the 2 week teacher walkout in 1997-1998. Since then,  I have eliminated TV, radio and most newspaper news from my life.  Sports and comics are important;-)  I heard Dr. Christiane Northrup put […]

GPT – Strength Crew #5

Hi All, 5.  The Program II  – Many people that I talk to want to become leaner.  The latest information on this comes from a gentleman named Alwyn Cosgrove.     (pronounced All – in)  He talks of an effect called the “afterburn” where the body’s metabolic rate stays elevated for up to 38 hours […]

GPT – Strength Crew #4

Hi All, 4. The Program – I suggest a more wholistic form of training.  I often hear people talk about doing the “machines”.  What you do in life is so much more than an isolated muscle group or working on a machine, where you are padded and stationary.  Complex, multiple joint movements are a more […]

GPT – Strength Crew #3

Hi All, 3. Warm Up – It is important to be ready to lift, also make sure that it stays as what it was intended to be which is to get you ready to lift.  10-15 minutes MINIMUM that  includes some Self Myofascial Release (SMR), full body movement, dynamic stretching and something to activate your […]

GPT – Strength Crew #2

Hi All, 2. Timing – The time of your that you start on a specific dream is also important.  From the ancient Celtic tradition the time from Dec 21-( Winter Solstice) to Feb 2 is known as the dark times, when nothing grows.  With the dark times ending last Monday it is a perfect time […]

GPT – Strength Crew #1

Hi All, Here is some of the information that I wanted to share with you on Friday.   It was a blessing that I was home recuperating because what I wanted to share would have taken hours and not 30 minutes.  So I decided to create an article/journal format for you to digest at your […]

Tips to Recover from Training

Here are a couple of remedies that I have used that do wonders to help the body recover from a tough workout. A hot bath with a cup of Epsom salts and 1/3 of a cup of sea salt can do wonders for muscle soreness. Also, a cream called Traumeel is excellent for any sore […]

Jon Hamm joins Kenen for a week of Training

Hi All, Former GRCI student and 5 time OFSAA Triple Jump Champion Kenen Shadd has been training with me for about 2 months and has had great results.  He is preparing to represent Canada in the Triple Jump in 2012. Kenen was chatting with his friend Jon Ham about his training.  They both went to […]