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Artificial Sweeteners

Hi All, I get asked a great deal is this a good protein powder and 9 times out of ten the product is sweetened with an artificial sweetener.  I would suggest that you do your best to go with a natural sweetener. There are so many more healthy options,  Maple Syrup, Honey and Stevia.  The […]

Power Fit – The Evolution Continues

Hi All, Semester 2 is up and running for GRCI Power Fit and we have 7 sections this semester in only 4 periods.  We are only a week into the semester and the kids have learned 3 warm ups, self-myfascial release and 4 different days of lifts for the first month of their training which […]

Great message about the food you eat.

Hello  Everyone, Here is a 5 minute video clip from Birke Baehr, an 11 year old who would rather be an organic farmer than an NFL Football Player.  He packs this clip with a ton a great information in a very short time.  It is amazing the talent that the young ones are bringing to […]

Summer is Here. 2

Hi All, I trust that your summer has been what you have wanted so far.  Mine has been full of learning for me as I continue to paint at my friend’s house for the 7th summer in a row.  It has been a big learning curve for me as I have logged over 700 hours […]