Rules and Format

Tournament Format


1. 4 pools of 4 teams.

2. After pool play: the top four 1st and 2nd place finishers qualify for the quarter finals.

3. All pool games will be 10-10-12 in length. Flood will be at the conclusion of each game. Please have your team ready 10 minutes prior to each game in the event of a delay or injury.

4. In pool play, the winning team will get 3 points for a regulation win. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, teams will play a 3 minute 3 on 3 OT. If still tied a 3-man shootout will take place. Winning team will get 2 points. Losing team will get 1 point

5. Quarter finals, Semi-finals, and the Final game will be 10-10-15 in length. Flood between 2nd and 3rd periods for these games only.

6. Ties in quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals will be broken with sudden death player reduction method.  (5 on 5) 2 minutes, (4 on 4) 2 minutes…. and so on

7. In the playoff games only there will be 1 time out/team.

**The team listed 2nd on the schedule is the Home Team


1. Winner of the game between the two tied teams advances.
2. The team with the greater goal differential (Goals for minus goals against).
3. Least goals against.
4. Least penalty minutes.
5. Team scoring the first goal in game between the teams tied.
6. In a situation where more than two (2) teams are tied, the process indicated above will be used to find the higher place finisher and then the process will repeat itself among the remaining teams still tie


             CAHA rules shall govern play with the following exceptions:

1.  No use of junior A,B,C,D or intermediate players. Players under suspension from other leagues are eligible to play at coach’s discretion.
2. Neck Protectors are mandatory.
3. Any three minor penalties and the player is ejected from the game.
4. Gross misconducts, Fighting, and Match penalties will result in ejection from the game and suspension for the remainder of the tournament.
5. The first 10 minute misconduct is not a game ejection. If a player receives a second 10 minute misconduct the player is ejected from that game and suspended for the next.
6. All major penalties (5 minute) will result in ejection from the game and a suspension from the next game.
7. Penalties during sudden death overtime are 1 minute in length and end at the conclusion of each sudden death 2 minute period. If a penalty occurs in the 1 on 1 situation a penalty shot will be awarded.
8. If a player or players have penalties at the end of regulation time of a playoff game the team does not begin the overtime short-handed. Although the player or players are not eligible for O.T. play until their penalty time has been served.