Performance lists will posted and share by 8 pm Sunday, May 12th so that athletes and coaches can check that the lists are accurate.

Corrections are due by 9 am on Tuesday, May 14th.

The corrections can be emailed to: kwtimers@galasso.ca

These emails MUST come from the coach at the school.

WCSSAA and D8 entries are now open.  Please use the following guides for your respective meets.  The meets are now separate in Athletic.net which is different than what we have done in the past with Direct Athletics.

Link for WCSSAA Instructions – https://www.athletic.net/Help/Track.aspx?Meet=360281

Link for D8 Instructions – https://www.athletic.net/Help/Track.aspx?Meet=360283

It is expected that seed times (as accurate as possible) will be included with your entries for all track events, including relays. Note that designating relay teams as “A” and “B” with no seed times does not guarantee your “A” team would be in the fast section. 

The 400m and the Intermediate Hurdles will be run as a timed final.  The seed times will be established by an athlete’s maxi-meet or Track Wars time or any OFSAA sanctioned track and field meet provided an official result from the meet is submitted with the entry.  If an athlete wishes to run the 400m or the intermediate hurdles but does not have a verifiable seed time, they will automatically be assigned a No Time and be placed in the slow sections.

This is not needed for the field events.

Maxi Meet and Track Wars times for Int Hurdles and 400 m entries.

Thanks to Jeff Anderson for organizing all of the seed times.

2019 Seed times have been emailed to all of the coaches for doing the WC/D8 entries.

-Seeding times are here for the Timed Finals so that your entries can be accurate.  Accurate seed times make a better meet.  Thanks for your efforts.