Track Wars – Entry Information

ENTRY DEADLINE.  10:59 PM Wednesday, May  1st, 2019.

Follow the instructions from the link below for the Track Wars Meet.

You only need to select the athletes who are coming to the meet.  

Specific Event entires will be done at the start line on the track and at the various field event sites.



Meet # 360186   Track Wars 2019

Once you have followed the instructions and you are logged into your account click 1. Coach Tools ->  2. Team Home-> 3. Track Wars 2019 (From within your 2019 Outdoor Calendar)-> 4. Register Athletes (Blue Button).  5.  Click on the Blue words (Roster Only) for Men and Women and select an age group for the athletes – Midget (M) Junior (J) or Senior (S).  When you are done you will get a picture that looks like the one below.  All of the athletes with their age group hi-lited in blue will be entered.  See the picture below for a sample.


Track Wars Committee