The Supplement Industry 2

Hi All,

Mike Guadango (one of Joe DeFranco’s athletes) has opened a supplement company in the states that offers a great clean protein powder, as well as some pre and post workout supplements.  I had a chance to talk with Mike at length when I was at Joe’s in December of 08.  He is a really classy young man and has a great deal of integrity as well.  If you have seen Joe’s movie “Strong” you will also know that Mike in one of the hardest working athletes joe has every worked with.  It is hard to find good clean products and I feel that Mike has done this very well with GI Nutrition. (Grecian Ideal Nutrition).

One World Whey and  Progressive are the 2 companies that I use for my supplements that I use in my post workout shakes.

Make sure you read the labels!


Coach G