Stretching Warm Up

This is the list of stretches that we will be using in the warm up at the start of the semester.

Stretching Warm Up before Mobility – 50s/station

1. Standing Hamstring – Foot Elevated on the bench 25s/leg (Weight Room)

2. 1 arm lat stretch on Cable Cross over – 25s/arm (Weight Room)

3. Standing Pec Stretch – arm @ 45 degrees- 25s/arm

4. Seated partner groin stretch

5. 2 Handed arm pit stretch on the wall  -hands above height

6. Kneeling Quad Stretch on the wall – 25s/leg – mats needed

7. Seated Butterfly stretch

8. Straight leg calf stretch – 25s/leg

9. Bent leg calf stretch – 25s/leg

10. Standing Hip Flexor stretch – 25s/leg