Power Fit – The Evolution Continues

Grand RiverHi All,

Semester 2 is up and running for GRCI Power Fit and we have 7 sections this semester in only 4 periods.  We are only a week into the semester and the kids have learned 3 warm ups, self-myfascial release and 4 different days of lifts for the first month of their training which is general physical preparation.  This year, more than ever, several students have expressed a desire to create their own programs.  Historically,  less than 5% of the students attempt to do this as there are 5 pre-made 12 week templates that the students can choose from based on their training goals.  Making their own programs is something that I encourage as they will learn so much when they attempt to do this.  One of the requirements of being able to do this is that the students need to arrive on Monday with their program set up for the week.

I wonder if they have any idea of what is involved in making a good balanced training program…more than biceps and chest every day…I will wait and see.  One thing I do know is that the students that stick with it will gain a ton of knowledge in the planning process and I have noticed that the students that take the time to make their own programs often workout with more intensity that the students that have a pre-made program.

We did some of our initial assessments today in class and one of the tests is the standing long jump.  After one of the boys jumped he asked me if he would be marked on how far he could jump? I told him this is what I love about the course, and  that is the students get to work with themselves and set their own dreams for what they want to attain in the 5 months.

Regardless,  there are 175 students in Power Fit this semester and I am looking forward to seeing their progress.  Originally, I set the course up for the athletes to be able to train in and out of season.  Off the top of my head I would say that 90% of the success stories come from students that don’t like sports and want to be fit and feel better about themselves.  The increases in confidence in the kids is astounding and that affects all aspects of their lives.

I know that I am a bit biased on this and that’s ok as I believe that Power Fit is the most important course that kids can take in high school as it promotes total mind and body health and wellness.  As the students age and they have the tools to maintain good health and wellness that allow them to excel in all other aspects of their lives.  Life can be pretty challenging without your health.


Coach G

PS – Also a shout out to Nathan Millar who is doing a placement at another local high school right now.  He has borrowed many of the ideas that we use at GRCI and he has implemented them with a great deal of success and only a week ingot he semester he has received a great deal of positive feedback from the students.