No Comments on my Blog – Why??

Hi All,

I want to thank Nate Green for posting this idea on his site and I have used many of his ideas in this post.

I’m impulsive and I need to minimize the distractions that I have in my life.  A cell phone is enough on my plate and I leave it in my office when I am at work and check it only at lunch or when I am on my spare to allow me to focus and stay present.

Nate said it really well here and I quote, “If I know there’s something I need to check in on frequently — even something as potentially beneficial and community-building as comments — it will consume my brain and I’ll find it very difficult to focus on anything else.” (Nate Green)  I would also feel that I need to respond to every comment that is posted on my blog.

And since I have a full time job that I enjoy a great deal I want to use the blog as a space to talk about what I have learned about or found interesting lately and share it with people who are interested in reading about it.

By removing comments from my Blog it allows me more space to focus on what I love…learning, teaching, training, helping others, and coaching…


Coach G

PS – How well do you know yourself???