Lebert Fitness – The Buddy System

Hi All,

Entry Number 2 of the New Year and I wanted to share with you a great piece of fitness equipment.  It is the Lebert Buddy System.  Marc Lebert the inventor of the Equalizer, has created another great product that is very versatile, portable and affordable.

The video at the top of the page is the promotional video that Marc released late last year.

Mark came to the school where I work and did a demonstration class for our staff and I received a great deal of feedback as to what a great workout people had with such a simple device.

If you are a trainer/teacher/coach or you work out with groups this is something that you want to look into getting.  It would be great for dry land training for hockey, and so many other team sports.  This is a great alternative to expensive weight rooms and it is totally portable.


Coach G