GPT – Workout at the end of Summer!!!

Hi All,

I cranked the tunes today and had the GR gym to myself as I completed my last circuit workout of the summer.  I have stayed away from the Westside template for the last few weeks for a change of pace and the sweat was pouring off me today!!  This is what I did.  Give it a try if you are looking for some metabolic acceleration!!

Circuit City

4 rounds 10 reps per ex.

1. Dips

2. Swiss Ball hamstring Curls

3. Chin Ups – various grips

4. KBell Hip Snaps (30’s)

5. Med Ball Toss up the wall with a Squat (15 lb)

6. KBell Snatch (25)

7. Split Squats

8. Suspended Leg Raises

9. Blast Strap Pulls Ups

10. BBell Military Press (95)

11. Dot Drill – 3 of each of the 5 exercises – Up & back, L,R, Both

and spin I alternated this with a full set of stairs.  (3 stories)

32 min to complete.  Round 1 was much faster than round 4……lol


Coach G