GPT – Strength Crew #6

Hi All,

6.  News Fast – This is something that I decided to do 12 years ago.  It was during the year of the 2 week teacher walkout in 1997-1998. Since then,  I have eliminated TV, radio and most newspaper news from my life.  Sports and comics are important;-)  I heard Dr. Christiane Northrup put it very well.  She said to ask yourself how you feel after you are exposed to the news.  I did that and realized that I felt worse every single time I was tuned in to the media.  It felt weird at first and people ask me all the time how do you find things out and I tell them that I always find out what I need to know when I need to know it and it has worked out well for me this last decade.  Dr. Northrup also pointed out that 90+% of what you find out about in the news you are powerless to change, so in other words, the news can make you feel hopeless. Try it for a day/week/month and see what you notice.  It made a big difference to me.


Coach G