GPT – Strength Crew #4

Hi All,

4. The Program – I suggest a more wholistic form of training.  I often hear people talk about doing the “machines”.  What you do in life is so much more than an isolated muscle group or working on a machine, where you are padded and stationary.  Complex, multiple joint movements are a more effective and efficient way to work with your body.  Just ask yourself how you felt the last time you shoveled.   One group of people that would be interested in isolation training would be body builders.  If you are not in that category then toss the isolation exercises away. (People doing rehab may need do some isolation exercises.)  There are many sites and books that address these lifts.  Some of my favourite lifts are the squat, lunge, deadlift, clean and press, a variety of pull ups and dips and twsiting exercises.  A good place to start would be the “New Rules of Lifting Books”.  There you will find Break-In, Fat-Loss (their words), Hypertrophy and Strength programs.  Also, check out the Links page on my web site for a variety of sites that can help you to find the program that you want.  A method that I have followed the last 2 years with great success is the conjugate method of training where you lift for maximum effort, for repetitions and dynamically every week.  I found out about this method from Joe DeFranco and there is a ton of information about it on his site.


Coach G