GPT – Strength Crew #1

Hi All,

Here is some of the information that I wanted to share with you on Friday.   It was a blessing that I was home recuperating because what I wanted to share would have taken hours and not 30 minutes.  So I decided to create an article/journal format for you to digest at your own pace.  I will start with some general life philosophy and then get more specific to strength training. I hope that what I have to share is helpful.  If you have any questions let me know as I am planning on having some Q&A on my site.

1. Know what you Want – This is essential and by that I mean write it out in words in specific detail.  Words are how we define this world and they are important.  Too often I hear things from a place of what people do not want.  For example, there is a “war against drugs”, there is a “war on terror”, there are “anti-bullying” campaigns and there is a “fight against cancer”.  The more you fight against something the stronger that you make it!  I prefer the alternatives of peace, healthy choices, respect for each other and a focus on wellness.  Those options feel so much better to me.  Think of when you were learning to ride a bike.  If you focused on the obstacle or bump in the road you would hit it almost every time.  Then as you got better at riding you could see the clear path between the pothole and the curb and you and your bike would find that 3 inch space and you were on your way with ease.

So, for your fitness dreams make sure you define them with a positive statement because your brain does not know what to do with a negative statement like fat loss.  It focuses on fat and you attract more of that.  Perhaps you want to become leaner and have more definition as an alternative.


Coach G