FOOD Inc. on CBC – A must see documentary

Hello  Everyone!!

This a must see video if you would like to make more informed choices about where your food comes from.

It has 2 showings on CBC.

Sunday November 28 at 10 pm ET/PT & Saturday December 4 at 7 pm ET on CBC News Network

Here is a description of the video from the CBC web site.

Food, Inc. reveals how complicated and compromised the once simple process of growing crops and raising livestock to feed ourselves and our families has become. But, it also reminds us that despite what appears to be at times a hopeless situation, each of us still has the ability to vote on this issue every day – at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s important to note that the filmmakers attempted to interview representatives from Monsanto, Tyson, Perdue and Smithfield, but they all declined.

Cheers & enjoy the journey,

Coach G