Day 1 Guidelines

Day 1

• you will get out of this course what you put into it.

•It has the potential for being the best course that you ever take in high school. I have seen this course change more people’s lives than any other course that I have taught in my career.

• You have the opportunity to learn a variety of training modes that are truly cutting edge.

• We are changing the course every semester in order to improve it so that you have a better experience.

• I shake my head when I think of some of the things that we used to do just 7 years ago.

• safety in the class is the top priority – some of the things included under safety are:

-proper warm up so that you stay healthy,

-all head sets stay in your knap sacks so that you are able to hear things around you

-moving around the weight room in a safe manner at ALL times.  An accident can happen in an instant.  (DBell – face drop)

• Course Outline – overhead

• iPod guidelines – overhead

• Workout guidelines – overhead

•  Why did you take this course –  survey?

• The health component will vary depending on the period in the timetable.