Jon Hamm joins Kenen for a week of Training

Jon Hamm and Kenen  Dec 15, 2008Hi All,

Former GRCI student and 5 time OFSAA Triple Jump Champion Kenen Shadd has been training with me for about 2 months and has had great results.  He is preparing to represent Canada in the Triple Jump in 2012.

Kenen was chatting with his friend Jon Ham about his training.  They both went to school @ Southern Illinois.  Jon came up from Atlanta to take a look at what I had Kenen doing in his program. Jon turned a few heads @ GRCI during the  lunch hour as he was lifting.  (6’ 61/2” 280 lbs)  Jon is expecting to be back in the NFL next year.  He was out this year with an injury.

Jon thanked me for what I had to share with him and he said that he learned a lot.  It was good for Kenen to have someone around who could lift as much as he could!!  A person like that is hard to find


Coach G