Genetically Modified Foods – What you would probably want to know.

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In the last couple of weeks I have found some amazing information on the Genetically Modified Foods that are in our diets.

These crops and products derived from these crops are banned in the EU and the UK. They call them Frankenfoods across the pond.

In North America, these foods do not require specific labelling.  The main crops are Soy, Corn and Canola.  86% of the Soy planted in 2004 in the US was GM.

These crops were banned in Europe because enough people were educated about lack of testing that has been done with these foods.

I thought a good way to get more people aware of this would be to share this in my Blog.

Jeffery Smith is the author of the books “Seeds of Deception” and “Genetic Roulette”.

Here is a link to his web site.  He has some great audio and video clips on this site.

When my people ask me how they can make a difference I remind them that they vote with their wallets almost every day so I encourage my friends to make informed choices.  Also, passing along the information here so that others can make more informed choices as well is another great way to make a difference.

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Coach G

PS  As I transfer this over to my new site (Feb 23,2014) the more I read about these foods the more I do my best to eat natural foods.  There are many autoimmune diseases that are on the rise and I feel it is the food that is compromising people’s health.  These foods are not tested and they are making people sick.  Take back your health and find our where your food comes from.  As Hippocrates said, let your food be your medicine.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

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Happy New Year everyone!!!  My latest readings in the fitness world have taken me into the area of nutrition.

I heard a great quote from someone last week.  I do not know the source.

“Look after your body it is the only place you have to live!!!”

Mercola’s article gives a great deal of insight into what has happened to the North American Diet with HFCS as the #1 source of calories for so many people.

If you consume HFCS you will store more fat than if you ingest the same amount of calories from glucose.   I found this hard to believe. His explanation is that all Fructose has to be metabolized by the liver where as glucose can be metabolized in so many other parts of the body as well as the liver.

Use the link below to find out more.

Mercola Article


Coach G

TRX – Must have purchase for 2010


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I had an awesome lunch today with 2 great friends and we were chatting about many different things.  Just as we were about to go our separate ways in the parking lot the topic of fitness equipment came up and I mentioned to them that a TRX is probably the most versatile piece of fitness equipment available on the market.

Since both of them are active and they had not heard about the TRX trainer I thought I would share it with you.  It is great for any fitness level and you can follow progressions with it very easily to meet your strength gains!!!

If you travel a lot,   the TRX is for you because it takes up less space than a pair of running shoes in your suitcase.

Go to  this clip from the company and check out some of the amazing things you can do with the TRX.  AWESOME!!!

Enjoy the journey!!!

Coach G

Food for Thought – News Fast & Suggested Reading

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I was listening to a podcast last week, by Alwyn Cosgrove and he talked about nutritionally that if you put garbage into your body you will get a garbage response from your body.  I listened to this concept and I chose to consider a different aspect of our lives and that is what do we feed our minds.

Over 10 years ago I made a decision to go on a news fast.  No TV, no radio, no newspaper.  I made that choice because I found that I never felt better after being informed by one of those media sources.  As I heard Dr. Christiane Northrup say our nervous system was not designed to take the bad news of the world and run in through our system multiple times a day or in some cases all day long with the all news channels that are available now.

Also,  a vast majority of what you see and hear and read you cannot do anything to change anyway.  I now pick up the sports page from time to time these days.   With the paper I can choose what I want to read.  I do continue to stay away from the TV and radio news and my life is so much more enjoyable.  Ask yourself if you feel better after you have read, listened to or watched the news.

I also wanted to share with you some of the most influential books and resources that have changed the way I think and live.

Fast Food Nation – By Eric Schlosser.  It is a very well researched book on the Fast Food Industry that will make you think twice about eating Fast Food.

The Biology of Belief – By Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Bruce, a cellular biologist, uses his research to show us that our thoughts and attitudes  have more of an impact on our health and well being than  our DNA.  It may be a while before this shows up in the textbooks…….

The Medical Mafia How to Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health & Wealth – By Dr. Guylaine Lancot.  Guylaine practiced medicine in Canada, France and the US and was disenchanted with what she found so she looked further and found many alternatives to conventional medicine’s drugs and surgery.


Coach G


Don’t Ice that Ankle Sprain!! Part 2

Don't Ice that Ankle Sprain

Don’t Ice that Ankle Sprain

Hi All,

I had to revisit this post from September.  Using the flex bands to treat an ankle sprain still baffles me even though it works every time!!!   I think it is the one of the top discoveries I have made in my involvement in athletics!!!!!!

I helped 2 students at school this week who had a 30% improvement in how their ankles felt in less than 20 minutes.   This was based on their own rankings out of 10 before and after I worked with them.   One of them was using a crutch and the other was limping very badly before we worked together.  Both of them were able to walk normally after the first session.

Please pass this information along to anyone you think might benefit from it.

The human body does amazing things!!!!


Coach G

Click on the picture to go to the site where you can purchase the kit.

Blog of a Badass!!!

Hi All,

Just finished the 4th leg day of the program and it rocked!!!  I ran my best mile yet with a time of 6:08.  I was very pleased with that time as I was hoping to beat my previous best of 6:17.  The weather co-operated and I was able to crank out some very consistent splits on my way to my time.

What makes me even happier is that it was the heaviest lifting day yet before I had to run my mile.  The endorphin buzz that I get from running the mile is like nothing I have experienced in sport in the 35 years I have played different things!!!

Next week’s leg day is supposed to be an easy day and I will follow the lifting portion.  I still think that I want to run the mile again at the end of the lifting to see if I can break 6 minutes.  I have no idea how those guys run under 4 min!!!!  I am fried when I am finished!!!

I am still looking forward to the workouts ahead!!

This is so awesome!!!

Be Well!!

Coach G

P.S  Endorphins lasted 8 hours today after the run.

P.P.S.  A friend of mine who is doing the program with me, had a great line today, as we were jogging to the track to run the mile…”Is it normal for you not to be able to feel your legs while you are running?”.   I howled!!!!

DeFranco’s Program Rocks!!! & a great training product

Hi All,

Three weeks into Joe DeFranco’s new program titled “Built Like a Badass” and I am almost beyond words to describe what it has been like.  The training is like nothing I have ever combined in 30 years!!!  The set and rep combinations are crazy and challenging.  It is the most excited that I have ever been to train!!!  I am actually looking forward to running a mile after I have already lifted legs.  I get to do this on Wednesday of this week!!!  If you are looking for something new in the gym and you are interested in a great challenge  pick up Joe’s e-book!!!

Here is a great gift idea for the fitness enthusiast.  The TRX trainer. This trainer is the most versatile piece of equipment that I have ever used or owned.  After a pair of running shoes this would be second on my list!!! We just ordered 15 of these for the school at which I teach.

I love sharing the different discoveries that I have made in the fitness realm and I hope that you enjoy reading about them. In the new year I will be venturing into more training ideas and tips.  Until then!!

Be Well!!




Big Week in the Fitness World!!

BadassHi All,

Once in a while there are weeks that stand out in your mind and you know that they will stay with you for a long time.  This week has been one for me with respect to health and wellness!!

On the Men’s side, Joe DeFranco just released a new eBook titled “Built Like a Badass” and after completing 2 of the workouts this week they are like nothing I have ever tried before!!  I am looking forward to the next 11 weeks of the program!!!  Take a look at some of the early feedback that Joe has received on his Blog!!!  It is the Ask Joe section of his site.  If you are a former athlete looking for some variety and challenges look no further!!

On the Women’s side, Rachel Cosgrove, (wife of Alwyn Cosgrove) & Co-owner of Results Fitness released a book that she has been working on for the last 10 years called, “The Female Body Breakthrough”.  I will take a leap of faith and tell you that it is likely a great resource that will help many people achieve their dreams.  I have ordered a copy for my library and for $14 it is a bargain!!

Stay tuned for more info and updates from GPT!!!

Be Well!!

Coach G


Luca in Action

Hi All,

The Roughriders had a rough day yesterday as they got thumped by the Ticats.  I chatted with Luca after the game and he said he had not eaten solid food in 3 days and that 60% of the team was sick.  Yikes.  Better now than in the playoffs!!!

This is a clip of Luca’s field goal that I taped live!!

Go Riders!!



Coach G

New Logo and IYCA Speed and Agility Specialist

Hi All,

New Logo by Andrew Kolb

Happy Thanksgiving!!! This would normally be just a Blog posting.  Since it is a special occasion as Graphic Designer, Andrew Kolb ( helped me to create my logo for my company I have decided to leave this as my home page for a while!!!

It was a very enjoyable process and I would highly recommend his services if you need some work done for you!!

I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned and assimilated  as a Youth Speed and Agility Specialist from the IYCA.  This certification meshes perfectly with my 15+ years of competing in track and field to combine linear and multi-directional speed to help athletes of all ages and abilities.  Growing up I was fast in the 100 but that did not translate into being agile.  At the IYCA certification I went to in Chicago this summer I learned a great deal about multidirectional speed and I made improvements in my own performance at the seminar.  It was so amazing!!

Happy training!!



Coach G