Getting What You Want out of Life – Suspension Booklet by Homer Mann

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 5.51.14 PMHello  Everyone!!

I have had the privilege of working with Homer Mann for the last 12 years.  He is a gifted teacher at helping people to change their own lives.   He helps you to become more authentic  by getting rid of many of the “shoulds” that you learned earlier in life.

In his latest creation, a booklet titled “Suspension” he looks at the natural rhythms of the earth and uses them to help you to get more of what you want out of life in the coming year.  The booklet looks at the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit.   Here is Homer’s description of the suspension process.

“Another year is coming to a close but that also means a new beginning as the calendar rolls on to 2011. Inevitably there are the ‘New Year Resolutions’ that are so ardently embraced on the first of January only to be forgotten by the fifteenth and regretted a little later on.

The tradition of Suspension was the forerunner of the ‘New Year Resolution’ with a twist. The tradition of Suspension does not leave things to happenstance; instead it maintains awareness of the change I have chosen to accept into my life experience. It does so by gently easing my awareness consistently back to the choice at hand. Suspension also takes advantage of the elemental energy that changes as the seasons do and with each quarter of the year a new element of the Suspension process introduces new life and interest in maintaining the direction I have chosen my life to take.

I have been teaching this process for over two decades to the many participants of both the in-house and online workshops. This year I have made the decision to focus on developing the Suspension process in a comprehensive easy to follow step by step guide book that has become a user’s workbook that enables an individual or group of like minded people to follow their dream by following their heart.

To order your copy of the Suspension 2011 Personal Workbook simply follow the link below and ‘I wish you well on your journey’.

Much Love

M. Homer Mann”

I suggest that it would be worth to get one of the books in the coming years ahead.


Coach G

What I have learned in the last while….

Hello  Everyone!!

I have been very vacant from the Blog for a while.  There have been several things going on for me:  Track and Field Season as a coach/photo timer & convenor.

Year end at school.

Moved to a new home in late June.

As you can see there have been a few things going on.

What I’ve learned…….

1.  Just because you are good at something does not mean that you need to keep doing it. 3 years ago I was involved in purchasing a photo timing system for Track and Field in Waterloo Region.  Along with that purchase came operating the system.  That has taken me away from coaching the athletes on meet day as I am tied up at the finish line for the entire meet.   I have really missed working with the athletes, getting to know them and helping them to reach their potential.   Next year I will be looking for some students and/or teachers to train to operate the system so that I can get back to what I enjoy….Coaching!!

2.  Make sure that you build in a buffer space when you are moving.  We sold our old house and purchased our new one on the same day in June.  That was way too busy!!!  I would suggest spending the few hundred dollars on getting some bridge financing so that you have a week to move out of your old place and into your new one!!


Coach G

Agave Nectar is no better than High Fructose Corn Syrup

Hello  Everyone!!

Happy July!!!  It has been months since my last entry.  I can across this article in Dr. Mercola’s Newsletter and I have seen lots of Agave nectar in local health food stores and coffee shops.  Bottom line stay away from it.

If you have a sweet tooth like me you may be interested in some other options.  Use stevia, xylitol or even glucose are easier on the liver to process.  Here is a link to Mercola’s article if you are interested in reading more.

I will bring you up to speed in what has been going on for me in the last few months….lots of learning that is for sure!!


Coach G

Adam Colorado sets Deadlift record @ 590

Hi All,

Another random posting.  Former Renegade Adam Colorado came back for a visit today and ripped 590 pounds off the floor to set a new gym record for the trap bar dead lift!!!

The class was cheering in the background to get him pumped!!

Adam was in the first ever Power Fit Class at GR back in 2003-2004.  He was in grade 10 at the time.


Coach G

Learning from Chris Munford

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 2.30.16 PMHello  Everyone!!

The Blog has been pretty quiet for the last while and I have had some amazing experiences in that time that I would like to share with you!!  I thought that I would get this one in before Track and Field season gets into full swing at school.

I had a great experience this past weekend working with Chris Munford at the University of Guelph.  He is the former strength and conditioning coach of the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA.  What a gift it was for me to be able to work with Chris.  He has a Master of Sport for Athletic Movement and Conditioning that he earned in Germany.  To my knowledge this type of degree is not even found in North America at this time.

One of the topics that we chatted about was looking at movement bouts in any sport when you are preparing a program for an athlete.  With this in mind you can see that forwards and defense in hockey have different needs just as all of the different positions in soccer, football, volleyball all have different needs.  This part of the discussion really opened up my eyes to how detailed you can get when looking at performance.

The best tid bit that he sent me home with was to always ask the question WHY with respect to any aspect of training. (Warm up, nutrition, exercises,  sets, reps, rest period,rest days, active rest, etc.)  If your answer to the question why does not lead you in the direction that you want to be heading then you may want to change what you are doing!!  If you are not sure how to change that ask for some help!!

Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge Chris!!!


Coach G

Jamie Oliver @ TED 2010

Hi  Everyone!!

I just finished watching this clip from Jamie Oliver.  It is 20 minutes long and very worth watching. It is a simple and powerful message talking about the food that we eat and how it affects our lives in all that we do.

I thank Nate Green for posting this on Facebook today!!!


Coach G

Speed and Agility Clinic with the KW Vipers

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I had a great experience this week running a speed and agility clinic for the KW Vipers.  They are a local rep basketball team.  It was such a joy to be able to work with such keen and enthusiastic boys!!

As a track person I was always focused on linear speed.  Straight ahead as fast as you can go.  Period. End of story.   Last year I had a chance to learn from one of the best multi-directional speed coaches in North America, Lee Taft.  I was getting my IYCA Speed and Agility Specialist.  At the clinic I could feel the difference with how my body moved as I applied Lee’s strategies and pointers and I wished that I had learned them earlier for all the other sports I played that involved changes in direction.  My next thought was I need to share this with younger athletes so that they can move more quickly and safely.

I started the clinic by taking the boys through a few of Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen exercises and the screen allowed the boys to see that even at the age of 12 they have developed some imbalances in their bodies.   Most of the boys had excellent mobility and stability. This is a great tool that I would suggest all athletes take a look at.  I did last fall and found some imbalances in my own body. I digress…back to the clinic.

London Tournament Champs

London Tournament Champs

(This is the Vipers team picture from the tournament that they won  in London last weekend!!)

The boys were eager to learn and were great at picking up the pointers that I was sharing with them.  I  introduced them to the plyo step for quicker starts and the hip turn for faster stops and changes of direction.  All the while I had them working for no more than 10 metres.  That is crucial when you are doing speed and agility training.  Make sure that it is for short distances and that the athletes get a full recovery.  Too often coaches confuse conditioning with speed training and run their athletes to exhaustion.

One of the parents even made that comment to me on the way into the gym that night.  She said that the boys were thinking that they would be exhausted from the night.  I told the parent that a good speed workout will often send you off feeling better than when you started!!  I also passed this message on to the boys at the start of the clinic.

Coaches Mike & Steve thanks for having me in to work with the boys!!!  All the best in the rest of your season!!


Coach G

The Results are in – Built like a Badass

Hi All,

This program is the most fun I have had training in 25 years of lifting!!!  I would also like to thank Chris Lakoseljac who worked with me through the entire 12 weeks.  He was an awesome training partner who encouraged and supported me throughout the journey!!

Today, I finished Week 12 of DeFranco’s Built Like a Badass Program.  First, I have to say that I am a bit sad that it is over.  It was always fun to see what new ideas Joe, Jeff and John had dreamed up for the week.

I also have to tell you I was shocked at my gains!!!  The number of chin ups I did today used to be a dream.  Now it is a reality!!

Here are the numbers:

Deadlift  up 10 pounds.

Bench Press up 5 pounds

Chin Ups went from a max of 20 up to 31

Push Ups went from a max of  60 to 84

The Finishing exercises that they put in at the end of each day really get you in amazing shape!!! Each workout challenges you physically and mentally!!

I have shovelled the driveway a few times in the last several weeks and I am barely breathing when I am finished compared to other winters when I would be more out of breath from the work.

If you are looking for something to crank up your training look no further, DeFranco’s has the answer!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Coach G


TRX Training – Great workshop!!!!!

Hi All,

I recently went to a training workshop in Toronto on how to use the TRX trainer.  David Snivle was the Instructor for the day.  I have been to several workshops in the last year and a half and this one was outstanding compared to the others.

The flow of the day, the content and the intensity were all perfect for an 8 hour workshop.  I left feeling energized and much more knowledgeable about how to use and teach others to use the TRX!!

We were in partners so any new skills that were introduced we got to practice teaching the skills with our partners.  What a great way to learn!!!  I am leading a TRX workshop this week and I will be using that same style when I lead the workshop.  If you want to learn something really well teach it to someone else!!!

If you are interested in finding out about a Training workshop in the area please click on the TRX icon below, to get to the TRX site to find out more about their training workshops.


Coach G



Apple Does it Again!!!!

Hi All,

This new device could be a lot of fun!!!!

Since the computer in the 1970’s until today the Galasso house has been an Apple house.

This is not really related to training……still very interesting!!!  Well it is because it can be a great coaching tool for giving athletes feedback at practices or games.


Coach G