Bread and Butter of the Vertical Jump

Hi All,

One of my colleagues at work asked me the other day what would be a good topic to research for an Exercise Physiology class in University.  I mentioned to him that I thought that finding 2 key lifts to help increase your vertical jump would be a good idea.

That is how I came up with the title Bread and Butter and they refer to the Squat and the Dead lift.  They are 2 outstanding lifts that when done properly engage the posterior chain that is crucial in developing/improving your jumping skills.

As with any type of lifting, variations of the lift in the form of different weights, sets and rep schemes are essential for a balanced program.  I am an advocate of the concurrent method of training when it comes to the periodization of training.  Also, different versions of these lifts is essential as well especially the single leg versions of the squat.  Recently, Mike Boyle was quoted as saying that he does no bi-lateral squats with his athletes so I will be researching that and getting back to you.

Always lots to learn in the Sports Performance Game!!


Coach G