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GPT – Workout at the end of Summer!!!

Hi All, I cranked the tunes today and had the GR gym to myself as I completed my last circuit workout of the summer.  I have stayed away from the Westside template for the last few weeks for a change of pace and the sweat was pouring off me today!!  This is what I did.  […]

GPT – Learning in the Summer of ’09

Hi All, I had a chance to go to a speed and agility certification with the IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association).  It was hosted by Brain Grasso and run by Lee Taft founder of the Taft Speed Academy.  I learned a great deal about linear as well as multidirectional speed and quickness.  I wish I […]

First Chopper Ride in the Rockies

Hi All, Mount Shark Helicopter Pad just south of Canmore, Alberta.  Kelly and I are heading to Mt. Assiniboine Lodge for a few nights of amazing hiking in one of the most rustic places in the Rockies.  There are 2 ways to get there by foot or by helicopter.   Loving the flight that we […]

Visit with the Legendary – Bob Gajda – Chicago

Hi All, What am amazing trip!!! I had the privilege of sharing some time with Fitness and training legend Bob Gajda.  In his prime he defeated someone by the name of Arnold in a Mr. Universe contest.  Many college and professional athletes in the Chicago area seek out Bob to get healthy when no one […]

The Road to OFSAA

Hi All, For years I have had chatted with athletes and coaches about the different levels of competition athletes will see on the road to OFSAA.  The qualifying process is one that has patterns that I have seen that I would like to share. The number in brackets is the number of athletes that advance […]

GPT – Combo Squats by Josh Walters

Hi All, Josh Walters got a bit crazy today and tried to use every piece of equipment and combine it in one exercise.  This is a pretty unique lift.  Very creative. Thanks to Liviu Ciulei @ Waterloo Mattress for donating the material and foam for the Squat pad and also thanks to Gillian Huffmon for […]

GPT – Shadd 18.78 m

Hi All, Kenen was at Etobicoke on Tuesday, April 14th and jumped 18.78 m  in this drill.  As a reference a volleyball court is 18 m long!!! Kenen’s Coach, Erwin Turney told Kenen that a 19 m effort in this drill usually converts into a 17 m triple jump. London 2012 here he comes!! Well […]

GPT – Turmeric

Hi All, Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that is a lot easier on the stomach than the drugs that are on the market. Pick some up at a local health food store and then make your own capsules.   It really stains so be careful when you are filling the capsules.  Take 1-2 med […]