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Don’t Ice that Ankle Sprain!! Part 2

Hi All, I had to revisit this post from September.  Using the flex bands to treat an ankle sprain still baffles me even though it works every time!!!   I think it is the one of the top discoveries I have made in my involvement in athletics!!!!!! I helped 2 students at school this week […]

Blog of a Badass!!!

Hi All, Just finished the 4th leg day of the program and it rocked!!!  I ran my best mile yet with a time of 6:08.  I was very pleased with that time as I was hoping to beat my previous best of 6:17.  The weather co-operated and I was able to crank out some very […]

Big Week in the Fitness World!!

Hi All, Once in a while there are weeks that stand out in your mind and you know that they will stay with you for a long time.  This week has been one for me with respect to health and wellness!! On the Men’s side, Joe DeFranco just released a new eBook titled “Built Like […]

Luca in Action

Hi All, The Roughriders had a rough day yesterday as they got thumped by the Ticats.  I chatted with Luca after the game and he said he had not eaten solid food in 3 days and that 60% of the team was sick.  Yikes.  Better now than in the playoffs!!! This is a clip of […]

New Logo and IYCA Speed and Agility Specialist

Hi All, Happy Thanksgiving!!! This would normally be just a Blog posting.  Since it is a special occasion as Graphic Designer, Andrew Kolb (kolbisneat.com)has helped me to create my logo for my company I have decided to leave this as my home page for a while!!! It was a very enjoyable process and I would […]

Bread and Butter of the Vertical Jump

Hi All, One of my colleagues at work asked me the other day what would be a good topic to research for an Exercise Physiology class in University.  I mentioned to him that I thought that finding 2 key lifts to help increase your vertical jump would be a good idea. That is how I […]

The Best Way to Become LEANER!!! HIIT IT!

Hi All, What is HIIT???  High Intensity Interval Training. I have done a great deal of reading lately about fat loss in the fitness industry.  Alwyn Cosgrove is one of the experts in this area in North America and I have had a chance to read a great deal of his work as well as […]

The Supplement Industry 2

Hi All, Mike Guadango (one of Joe DeFranco’s athletes) has opened a supplement company in the states that offers a great clean protein powder, as well as some pre and post workout supplements.  I had a chance to talk with Mike at length when I was at Joe’s in December of 08.  He is a […]

GPT – The Supplement Industry

Hi All, I received this link from a friend of mine, Adam Colorado.  He is a former Renegade who recently hung up his basketball shoes to focus on his Body Building and Power Lifting.  He is the hardest working athlete that I have seen in my 20 years of teaching.  The man deserves a pat […]