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Learning from Chris Munford

Hello  Everyone!! The Blog has been pretty quiet for the last while and I have had some amazing experiences in that time that I would like to share with you!!  I thought that I would get this one in before Track and Field season gets into full swing at school. I had a great experience […]

Jamie Oliver @ TED 2010

Hi  Everyone!! I just finished watching this clip from Jamie Oliver.  It is 20 minutes long and very worth watching. It is a simple and powerful message talking about the food that we eat and how it affects our lives in all that we do. I thank Nate Green for posting this on Facebook today!!! […]

Speed and Agility Clinic with the KW Vipers

Happy Friday Everyone!! I had a great experience this week running a speed and agility clinic for the KW Vipers.  They are a local rep basketball team.  It was such a joy to be able to work with such keen and enthusiastic boys!! As a track person I was always focused on linear speed.  Straight […]

The Results are in – Built like a Badass

Hi All, This program is the most fun I have had training in 25 years of lifting!!!  I would also like to thank Chris Lakoseljac who worked with me through the entire 12 weeks.  He was an awesome training partner who encouraged and supported me throughout the journey!! Today, I finished Week 12 of DeFranco’s […]

TRX Training – Great workshop!!!!!

Hi All, I recently went to a training workshop in Toronto on how to use the TRX trainer.  David Snivle was the Instructor for the day.  I have been to several workshops in the last year and a half and this one was outstanding compared to the others. The flow of the day, the content […]

Apple Does it Again!!!!

Hi All, This new device could be a lot of fun!!!! Since the computer in the 1970’s until today the Galasso house has been an Apple house. This is not really related to training……still very interesting!!!  Well it is because it can be a great coaching tool for giving athletes feedback at practices or games. […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Hi All, Happy New Year everyone!!!  My latest readings in the fitness world have taken me into the area of nutrition. I heard a great quote from someone last week.  I do not know the source. “Look after your body it is the only place you have to live!!!” Mercola’s article gives a great deal […]

TRX – Must have purchase for 2010

Hi All, I had an awesome lunch today with 2 great friends and we were chatting about many different things.  Just as we were about to go our separate ways in the parking lot the topic of fitness equipment came up and I mentioned to them that a TRX is probably the most versatile piece […]

Food for Thought – News Fast & Suggested Reading

Hi All, I was listening to a podcast last week, by Alwyn Cosgrove and he talked about nutritionally that if you put garbage into your body you will get a garbage response from your body.  I listened to this concept and I chose to consider a different aspect of our lives and that is what […]